We understand that each mama is different and unique; that is why we created this option! If you are not completely sure of any of the bundles we offer, you can create your own bundle that contains only the products you want!

How to order Mama's Custom Bundle

  • You must choose at least 6 different items. Browse the items in each of the bundles in our Products page to pick the items you want.
  • Your order must come with a custom Yasou Mama canvas bag. The price of the bag will be added to the total price of the custom bundle.
  • Please send us an email at with the items you have selected for your bundle so we can create the order for you. 
  • Once the order is created, we will send you an invoice with a link to the checkout page, where you can proceed to make the payment securely. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Yasou Mama is not a third party reseller, so we are unable to sell individual items. We are only able to sell products as part of a bundle. 

Thank you for your cooperation!